Don’t Dream It’s Over…

I was reminded quickly Friday night why I’m physically no longer able to broadcast Yellow Jacket games on Classic Country 980 KSGM.

I enjoyed listening to Brad Palmer and Dr. Jim Beers call the exciting regional championship game between Chester and Anna Jonesboro Friday night.

What a game. It’s one of those games where the losing team can only tip their hat at their opponent and say “you got me this time…see you next time.”

I heard Coach Norman talk about should have done this or should have done that on the postgame show. Hindsight is always 20/20. In reality, there should be no second guessing. You had a game plan, AJ had a game plan and two great teams battled to the very end.

Quickly speaking of Coach Norman, I really hope Yellow Jacket Country appreciate this man and his family. In the long history of Yellow Jacket basketball, he is the all-time winningest coach and has built a program. People still living in the past can say what they want about SWEG to SIRR to the BDC, but the fact is, he is putting together a team and playing the opponents and schedule dealt to him. I’ve seen the worst years of Chester basketball and remember when we had a revolving door on the back of Colbert Gym. I’m hoping he is here to stay.

Anyway, it was in the final minute of that game where I was reminded why I can’t do what I loved to do for 29 years.

Chester had their chances to tie the game. The Wildcats literally gave the Yellow Jackets two golden opportunities to send the game to an extra four minutes.

In the final 45 second of that game, my heart started racing which is not good. I started to sweat and then became a little lightheaded. Yeah, my enlarged heart was reminding me if I had any thoughts about trying to make a comeback and get behind the mic against for a Chester sporting event, to forget about it…for now.

My world literally spun upside down for a couple of minutes. I was sweating like a politician on Election Day. Thankfully, I was at home. I don’t know what would have happened to me had I been in Starrick Gym at Johnston City high school.

That was always my greatest fear though. I never want to embarrass the station or the fans of Yellow Jackets. I remember the last game I was able to do and that one almost killed me. I don’t remember half of the game but I do remember asking someone to follow me home because I was so lightheaded.

I was disappointed with my situation Friday night. It felt like a major setback because I’ve been working hard to make positive changes in my life and health. I’m going to start walking again when the weather finally breaks and before the spring growing season. Spring time is not the best for me an allergies.

I thought I had achieved all of my goals in life but now I have another one…to get back home at CHS. I was fooling myself when I said I didn’t miss it but in reality I do. I think I was telling myself that because of how everything ended for me but now I know, I was only lying to myself. I told myself that because of my battle with depression. I was hoping the more I said I didn’t miss, the less depressed I would become.

In reality, I was living a lie.

As I lay in bed Friday night, I really thought about all of this. As long as Chester is a member of the Black Diamond Conference, there is no chance that I could do the road football games. When you have to leave as early as I do, it’s tough to find someone to ride along with you and help you with the broadcasts. I’ve been blessed with having that help in recent years with Matt “Mad Dog” McClure and Dr. Adam Gibbs, but those road trip days are over.

Maybe, just maybe, I could get to a point where I could do the home games in football and the Friday and Saturday night games in basketball. Any other weeknight games are out. Maybe I could convince Gibbs to come back and do the games with me, that is if he is teaching and coaching close to home.

I’ve been blessed with this morning show and I’m not going to give that up because I’m having the time of my life. Never thought of myself as a morning person but I do now.

But with home football games, I could take a nap in the afternoon and then do the games at night. Basketball would have to be the same thing.

So is it wrong to have my cake and eat it to? I feel like I need another challenge in my life. Crazy am I?

So one more goal has been set. I don’t know if it will be achieved but it will give me something to work for, another reason to get healthy and attempt to repair and fix this enlarged heart.

Once a Yellow Jacket, Always a Yellow Jacket…

I wanna go home…if they’ll have me back.

Strolling Under the Stars, Down the Backroads of Life…